Durham Township

Exploring Durham Township

This Bucks County township borders the Delaware River in the far northeastern corner of Bucks County.  The borough of Riegelsville is located  on the Delaware River and River Road in Durham Township.

Early Durham residents made great contributions to the American fight for Independence and the expansion of commerce in the early colonies. Two are listed below.

George Taylor

One of the Durham residents making contributions to the fight for independence was George Taylor, who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Along with signing the Declaration of Independence, Taylor owned the Durham Furnace.  Using Durham Furnace, he produced ammunition for use in the Revolutionary War.

This sign near the location of the Durham Furnace remembers its role in winning the Revolutionary War.

Durham Furnace Sign in Durham Township
Durham Furnace Sign in Durham Township  

Robert Durham

Durham built the “Durham Boat.” This sturdy craft carried stoves, pig iron and bar iron to sell in Philadelphia. It was an important key in establishing and expanding commerce using the Delaware River as a highway to market.

The Durham Boat is also famous as the boat that carried General George Washington across the Delaware River during the Revolutionary War. Learn more about the Durham Boat and General George Washington  here.

Durham Boat in Durham Township
Reproduction Durham Boat in Durham Township
Closeup of Durham Boat in Durham Township
Close up of Durham Boat in Durham Township








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