About Patricia

About Patricia

In learning more about Patricia, we find that she lives in a 1828 stone home formerly owned by Dr. John Jacob Ott and located in Springfield Township, Bucks County.  Dr. Ott’s former home is now called “Bridge Street Farm” after Bridge Street which is opposite the front entrance to the property.

Bridge Street Sign-about Patricia
Bridge Street Sign

Her family moved to Springfield Township in 1964 when the State of Pennsylvania decided to build Lake Nockamixon State Park. Many homeowners, besides the Jamann’s, lost their homes to the Lake.

Patricia shares her love of Bucks County on her website: www.PatriciaJamann.com. 

White Horse Visions Media About Patricia
White Horse Visions Media- About Patricia

White Horse Visions Media (WHV Media)  is Patricia’s creative and business outlet.

In 2018, Patricia expanded her creativity to include writing, filming, producing and editing videos about her life in Bucks County and the culture unique to this part of the United States.

 She created Bucks County History YouTube Channel  which posts videos created by Patricia about the People, Places, and Events of Bucks County.

Patricia also enjoys transforming the landscaping of Bridge Street Farm into raised beds, perennial flower gardens, and bird habitats.  During dry days in the spring, summer, and fall, she often spends the mornings outside in the gardens.

More In Depth Personal Information About Patricia

About Patricia:  Biology Education and Career

About Patricia DelVal University
Patricia’s Graduation from DelVal University

Patricia graduated from Delaware Valley University with a Bachelor in Biology Degree in 1992.  She worked in the vaccine manufacturing and quality control departments of Merck Inc. from late 1992 through 2004. After a brief stint at Sanofi Pasteur in 2005-2007, Patricia left the biological field permanently.

About Patricia: Before Biology

Patricia Jamann’s love of plants and biology started when her father took her and her brothers to the family run business-Jamann’s Greenhouses in the mid 1960’s.

About Patricia Greenhouses in 1960's
Jamann’s Greenhouses in the 1960’s

While working “at the greenhouses,” Patricia learned about planting seeds, transferring seedlings to pot, making cuttings, and other related skills. The skills learned by hands-on training are in use by Patricia up to this day.



About Patricia working at greenhouses

Mom working at Jamann’s Greenhouses late 1960’s early 1970’s

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Patricia’s mom worked at Jamann’s Greenhouses. Patricia and her siblings were in school at the time.




About Patricia : Ancestors

About Patricia -Jacob Jamann
Jacob Jamann & children in America

Jamann’s Greenhouses was built in 1928 by Patricia’s grandfather, Simon Peter Jamann.

Simon Peter was born in Bonn, Germany and came to America with his family in 1913. He is standing on the left in this image.

The story of why Simon Peter “Pete” Jamann decided to move to Bethlehem and start a flower/plant business shows the mark of an true entrepreneur.

Simon Peter went to Bethlehem to order funeral flowers for a relative. When he learned how expensive it would cost for the funeral flowers, he decided to move to Bethlehem and start his own retail operation. He moved his flower business to Bethlehem to increase his profit margin.

Some of the greenhouses seen in the above image were moved from Simon Peter’s flower-growing operation at the Kramer Homestead in Haycock Township.