Bridge Street Farm – Rural Farm Life

What is Bridge Street Farm?

Bridge Street Farm is where I spend most of my time. During the spring, summer, and fall months I grow and harvest fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  I will share gardening photos and more on through this page.

My furry family of cats- Mr. Magic, Lydia, Parker, & Gracie also reside here with me and may show up from time to time in my photos and blogs.


<img src=“flyer.jpg” alt=“flyer showing summer boarding at bridge street farm”
Flyer by Charles B Ott

It is on the site of the previous Pleasant Valley Fruit Farm & Nurseries in Pleasant Valley, Springfield Township, Bucks County.

During the mid 1900’s the farm, owned and managed by Charles B. Ott, acted as a Summer and Fall Boarding house for folks from Philadelphia and New York City.



<img src=“pony truss style bridge.jpg” alt=“pony truss style bridge leading to bridge street farm”
Bridge Street Bridge


Bridge Street Farm is named for Bridge Street, a short, township owned road that crosses Cooks Creek via a circa 1895 historic pony truss bridge.

The History of Bridge Street Farm

Speaking of history, the farm is also the former Ott Family Homestead with ownership records dating to the 1798 Window Tax and Jacob Ott.  From Jacob Ott, the farm passed to his son, Charles B. Ott (previously mentioned) and to Dr. John Jacob Ott via his wife, Lilly.  After Dr. Ott’s death in 1917, the farm passed out of the hands of the Ott Family.

In 1961, Roger and Rose Jamann purchased the largest part of the Ott Farm. The original farm contained a larger parcel when sold by Lilly Ott in 1919. So, along with my parents my siblings and my father’s great Aunt, Laura Kramer,  came to live here in Pleasant Valley in 1963-1964. The Jamann Family still owns the property.

I plan on posting information on the Ott Family History as well. Thanks to the Springfield Historical Society, many original photos and documents of the Ott family still survive and I will post them to this site.