Your Cure for Bucks County Boredom

Your Cure For Bucks County Boredom Blog

Tired of publications that promise history and culture and deliver commercials or real estate ads instead? Looking for a cure for Bucks County Boredom?

Visit the “Bucks County History Channel on YouTube to learn about events, places, and characters who helped create Bucks County as we know it today.

(Blog posts on this website, including additional information about the video topic, follow soon after a video is uploaded to the Bucks County History Channel.)

Enjoy short, informative videos, uploaded weekly, about local history and how it shaped the many facets of Bucks County.

Here are some topics for future videos and blog posts:

  • townships, villages, and other population centers
  • early industries, commerce, and business
  • special natural features like the Delaware River,  creeks, caves, and mountains
  • native tribes who lived in Bucks County prior to William Penn
  • early settlers to an area
  • early homes, barns, outbuildings and farm structures
  • events in Bucks County’s history that shaped  Bucks County today
  • transportation, including roads and bridges and their role in the growth of Bucks County
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Townships of the County of Bucks

Do you have a suggestion for a video? is there a little known place in Bucks County that you would like featured on the Bucks County History Channel and on this website? Drop me a line here with your suggestion.